WHAT IS Pull Up 4 Produce?

Pull Up 4 Produce is a Meal Kit program that provides you with all the ingredients you need to make a healthy meal for a family of 4. We source the freshest and most local grown produce when available, through many local farmers and the Turnrow Appalachian Farm Collective. We also use Yoder’s Amish Market for bulk dry goods and dried herbs so you get the most organic ingredients. Our meal kits feature healthy meals from breakfast, to dinner and in between. Soups, casseroles, skillet meals and oven bakes are all utilized in this program. You will learn technique for cooking through our live video demonstrations, and receive recipes and tips in each bag.

We run meal kits for 6 weeks at a time usually with a few weeks to break in between sets so we can regroup and plan the next menu. The 2021 season starts off with Jan 7th as the first set and will break after Feb. 11th for 2 weeks. Then we will resume March 4th.  Schedule updates will be posted here and on social media outlets as well.

The menu

Healthy soups all with a basic mirepoix (celery, carrots and onions) featuring a variety of fresh veggies, and beans for protein. Most of the soups are vegetarian but do have beans or pasta to accompany.

These meal kits will feature dishes based on the holidats of St. Patricks Day and Easter. Some kits will be Irish Stew, Side dishes for Easter Dinner with a healthy twist, and a Breakfast treat bag.

These meal kits will feature meals that we look forward to going into fall such as chili beans(with hidden veggies), healthier versions of your favorites like veggie pizzas with balsamic glaze, skinny biscuits and gravy and some other favorites.

These meal kits will feature fall foods such as butternut squash and spaghetti squash meals, pumpkin dishes, and several other warm and inviting dishes guaranteed to make you full but with high nutrient content and healthy calories.

The chart to the left outlines our proposed scheduled for the 2021 season of meal kits. The gap between May and September is due to the market season. We encourage you to come to the Farmers Market between May and September and get to know your local growers and try fresh, local vegetables. Most of our growers practice organic practices using only natural pest repellant and have a variety of products to offer you. Please use this time to visit and to start your own backyard garden and enjoy the freshest food possible.

Our Shared Commitments

The Williamson Farmers Market and WHWC strive to create  a healthy local foods system and a robust local economy. We buy from several farmers locally in Mingo, Logan, Wayne, Pike and Martin counties. In addition to these growers we have friends in Barboursville and Charleston that we purchase value added products from as well such as maple syrup and pickled products, salts and jams.  Giving you a quality product is of the utmost importance so we spare no expense to promote local and we encourage you to do the same as well.


Meal Kits are to be picked up at the Farmers Market Location on 3rd Ave. We are located right beside the City Gym, we share a parking lot. With pickup from the Farmers Market we can ensure you the freshest quality produce and refrigeration/frozen foods will be at the proper temperatures. 

54 3rd Ave. W.  Williamson, WV 25661

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The best way to communicate with us is via email:
kdeboard@williamsonhealthwellness.com. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please reach out.

When you pay, you will be added to our distribution list. Please make arrangements to pick up your meal kit at the agreed upon time and location. If you are unable to pickup simply call the office at 304.235.3400 or email the address above to make arrangements.


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